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Are you doing your part to elevate healthcare standards in the country?

Do you have what it takes to excel in the global health arena?

Now you can.

Topnotch institutions around the world, including the Philippines have a place reserved for you – but only if you can meet their exacting standards of healthcare. Both the Joint Commission International Accreditation and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations affirms that organizations worldwide are working to provide quality clinical care in safe, efficient and well-managed facilities. As more patients seek total quality management of care, local and international institutions are compelled to select and retain only staff members who are prepared to deliver this kind of service.This includes knowledge of and strict adherence to the JCI standards of practice.

Don’t be left behind. Responsive to this need of principal employers, a rising number of recruitment agencies are now mandating their workers to be JCI and JCAHO certified prior to deployment.

Why should you work towards JCI Accreditation?

If you want not just a job; but a career as a health practitioner.
You’re more likely to have a job placement in local health care organizations.
You become eligible for hiring in JCI-accredited institutions in the Philippines such as St. Luke’s Medical Center, Medical City and the UST Hospital.
You’re guaranteed preparedness for meeting the challenging demands of patient-focused health care delivery systems embracing the JCI standards.
If you want to pursue a career in the top medical institutions around the world.
Your chances of passing the NCLEX increases.
Once a certificate holder, you’re placed in a graduate online database, for hospitals and healthcare institutions worldwide to view and choose from.

Why should healthcare organizations have an updated knowledge on the JCI and JCAHO standards of practice?
It leads to better client satisfaction assures achievement of organizational goals and consequently, sustained corporate growth.
It correlates with significantly improved staff performance.
It paves the way towards revolutionized perception of each member on their roles and responsibilities creates an environment that fosters professionalism

Why should employment agencies give preference to JCI-accredited health practitioners?

This assures that potential employee is up-to-date with current trends in patient management.
Better performance of workers in areas of assignment earns the agency a reputation of selecting only the best people for the job.
This establishes stronger ties with principal employers


Who are We?

Health Care Advantage Institute is a training center that’s dedicated to helping improve the delivery of
patient care in the healthcare industry. We realize that with increasing need for hospitals to be accredited by an international standard, like Joint Commission International (JCI), the gap between
academe to industry grows.

With this in mind, it is our goal to help close the gap by training healthcare professionals following international standards as well as providing healthcare practitioners a venue to hone their skill in our state-of-the-art Virtual Skills Laboratory.

What do we Offer?

a. We equip practitioners and institutions with the skills and training to be able to provide the best healthcare possible. We do this by training healthcare professionals in the standard that a majority of hospitals in the United States use as a measure of excellence – the Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Aside from JCAHO we also train these healthcare professionals in Joint Commission International standards. These two courses make up the backbone of our entire training philosophy.

b. We offer a curriculum that enables our trainees to keep up with industry standards. Through acculturation, the JCAHO "Best Practices" curriculum helps healthcare professionals to work at the levels demanded in the US, also helping to minimize their learning curve. With the shifting of paradigm and the knowledge that hospitals will want to hire JCI & JCAHO trained healthcare professionals, hospitals are now starting to require a background in JCI training and students are starting to see the need for this course.

c. We provide an outlet for a more vibrant medical tourism in the country. The Philippine healthcare industry is modernizing in order to help the country with its medical tourism.
Healthcare professionals that graduate from the JCI & JCAHO "Best Practices" course will soon find it much easier to get a job than it will be for healthcare professionals with similar qualifications, but without the JCAHO Best Practices Certificate.

What is our Goal?

We at Healthcare Advantage Institute prioritizes the need of the healthcare practitioner to be prepared for their duties, be it internationally or domestically. We plan to provide up-to-date JCI and JCAHO standards on a yearly basis.

We are committed to providing excellent quality service and implementing prevailing standards for
efficient execution. We are driven by our passion to continually improve the quality of the services we
provide, our processes, and our resources.

We plan to achieve this "Goal of Excellence" through close focus on our needs, on our trainees needs,
effective and efficient processes, adaptability to changing environment, and corporate social
responsibility. We will hold ourselves to the standards we preach!
To be recognized as the premier training center for allied healthcare professionals in the Philippines and in Asia by year 2012.


To conduct quality training courses based on international standards thru interactive learning sessions and the use of state-of-the-art virtual lab.








We want our trainees to be globally competitive so they can build confidence and they can be preferred applicants by potential employers. We do this thru interactive learning and state-of-the-art virtual skills lab.


HCATI is committed to uphold the highest international standards for allied healthcare professionals without compromise doing the right things right the first time



With the shifting of paradigm and the knowledge that hospitals will want to hire JCI & JCAHO trained healthcare professionals, we have adapted the JCAHO "Best Practices" curriculum – a tool that helps healthcare professionals to work at the levels demanded in the US, also helping to minimize their earning curve.

This is subdivided into five core courses: a.) Red Cross Certificate Course; b.) Red Cross Certificate Course; c.) Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS); d.) Acute Intensive Care and Telemetry and e.) Three-
Level Infusion Therapies


International Certificate Course: Introduction to Joint Commission International (JCI) Standards
International Certificate Course: Introduction to Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals Organization (JCAHO) Standards
Red Cross Certificate Course: Basic Life Support
Red Cross Certificate Course: First Aid


Basic Assessment &
Basic IV Infusion
Basic Life Support


This is a course which involves lecture on the principles of Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) based on the 2005 AHA recommendation and demonstration and practice on ACLS Megacode , basic ECG, Endotracheal intubation , defibrillation and Cardioversion. This course shall be taught and demonstrated based on JCIA standards.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation consists of a series of maneuvers by which oxygenated blood flow to the brain and other vital organs can be maintained. In basic life support, CPR requires skills, and can be performed in most locations and under most circumstances, speed and skill being the two most crucial factors for success. The Basic Life Support Program is a 4 hours course which involves 2 hours didactics on the sequence of cardiopulmonary resuscitation: The ABC's of CPR, and 2 hour demonstration and practice for the enhancement of clinical skills, specifically in performing basic life support.


This is a course with lecture and actual hands‐ on demonstration on neonatal resuscitation. Discussions will include the use of resuscitation equipment and manikins . Simulated situations for practice will also be provided. This course shall be taught and demonstrated based on JCIA standards.

This is a course which involves lecture on the essentials of Pediatric advance life support with actual demonstration and return demonstration for the enhancement of clinical skills, performing CPR on children including lifesaving Vascular therapy and endotracheal intubation while applying the JCIA standards

Utilizing the JCIA stabdards, this course discusses Basic and Advance ECG, Lead Placements, Basic concepts on Pacemakers and Intensive Care Nursing including Care of Patients with Tracheostomy and Ostomy . Furthermore, trainees would be given an opportunity to do hands‐on practice for skills‐enhancement.

A training course which involves lecture on the essentials of infusion therapy with actual practice on peripheral IV line insertion, venipuncture, phlebotomy, identification of different IV equipment for peripheral and central lines and infusion pump manipulation. The conduct of this course shall be based on JCIA standards.



ENROLL NOW! For more information, please call 63.2.813-2598, fax 63.2.893-7377 or visit us at the 6th Floor, The Peninsula Court Bldg., Paseo de Roxas cor. Makati Ave., Makati City



In order to help raise standards in the Philippines, HCA Institute has strategically partnered with BHAC a company that specializes in the importation of curriculum as well as healthcare curriculum development. Their curricula are built from the JCI & JCAHO guidelines for best practices.

BHAC has currently placed the curriculum into 3 schools, SPUM GCIC & HCA Institute. The curriculum is newly formed, and is updated every year in order to keep up with the JCI & JCAHO standards, which are updated every year as well.

Having accumulated over 50 years of JCAHO knowledge between HCA Institute and BHAC, we believe that our professionalism and knowledge will develop the Philippine healthcare industry.


The Trainer should be:

1. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing or MD.
2. Must have at least 3 years of clinical experience.
3. Must have at least 18 MA units for BSN graduates
4. Preferable for the BSN graduates with Masteral's Degree.
5. Must be Computer Literate: Knows how to use Microsoft Windows.

Please bring the following to our offices:

1. Application Letter
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. 2 2 x 2 Colored ID Picture taken within the last three months
4. Transcript of Records
5. Diploma
6. Certificate of Good Health including recent x-ray
7. Current NBI Clearance
8. Professional License
9. SSS #, TIN #, CTR
10. Certificate of Employment

Training program for new hired faculty


Contact HCAI


Healthcare Advantage Institute
6th Floor, The Peninsula Court Bldg.,
Paseo de Roxas cor. Makati Ave., Makati City.

TEL: 63.2.813-2598
FAX: 63.2.893-7377